Feb 8, 2011


2/08/2011 — cori

This week we are doing Achievement Testing in school. I never give the kids multiple choice tests. They do have assessments in some subjects, but nothing like a scantron/fill in the blank type test. They (Bennett) are baffled by them. The whole time Bennett is taking these tests he keeps making comments such as:

"Mom, I hope the government knows I'm not this dumb."

"Mom, I hope the government knows the answers to these tests."

"Mom, why does the government make us do this? It's too easy."

I know I should correct him that technically the government doesn't give or make the tests...but his train of thought is so funny. I never even told him the government requires these. I just told them that it proves to certain people that we are indeed learning at home and that it measures a little of what you know, but not everything you know.

He's offended at the ease of the questions. Funny for a 3rd grader to notice and not the adults.

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