Mar 23, 2005

My "Present"

3/23/2005 — cori

I just got done tucking in my 3 year old, Bennett. How fun that is! Every night, when I pray for him, I thank God for giving me such a special gift in Bennett. Then I go on to pray for all the typical things like monsters and shadows and yucky noises. I always thank God that He's teaching Bennett to trust Him at such a young age. You know, when you pray, or even talk to your kids for that matter, you never know how much they pick up or if they are even listening. Well, I found out tonite...

A while after I left his room, I heard him in there talking. He was alone in there, so I was curious as to who he was talking to. I heard all kinds of names: Bapchie (his great-grandma), Robert (a friend who is moving to Austrailia), Nana, Vama, Vampa (Grandma & Grandpa). I decided to poke my head in and ask him if he was calling me. He said "No". I said, "Well, I heard you talking. Did you need anything?" He answered, "I was just danking Dod (God) that he made me your pe-hal (special) present." :) My heart melted instantly! Then he went on to say that he was thanking God for all those people he was listing. I just love moments like that. I think I'll go bask in that for the next few hours. :)

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