Nov 23, 2014


11/23/2014 — cori
One day her and her friend were at the park playing and took a selfie together and texted it to me cuz apparently you can play and take pix of yourself at the same time now - awesome.  This was not an option when I was 10.  Anyways, I digress...her friend and her were enjoying a crisp afternoon at the park and wanted to show me how much fun they were having without having to actually tell me. Modern technology has allowed them to show me.  They sent this adorable picture:

I immediately texted them back and said, "Love the sun rays!"  And for whatever reason, that just cracked up two 10 year old girls.  Now, every time they send me a selfie, they make sure to add sun rays and/or comment about 'loving the sun rays'.  I don't even now how to text cool.

I am new to this phenomenon.  Chloe is not.  She takes approximately 53 selfies a day.  And shares them with anyone who is on her contact list.  Me, not so much.  She's always telling me, "Mom, you should totally take a selfie right now."  And I'm like, "Um.  No."  And she's like, "Awww, Mom.  It would be fun."  And I'm like, "Um. No."

But all is not lost, Chloe is teaching me how to take selfies.  I acquiesce and allow her to take a selfie with me in it, but I will not just take one of me, myself and I only.  I'm not that interesting, trust me. So, every time she does my hair she insists on taking pictures of it.  Somehow that morphed into teaching me how to take a selfie tonight.  Here is my foray into selfie-dom:

It would be perfect if only there were some sun rays.

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