Jan 4, 2009

Relational Skills

1/04/2009 — cori
This little girl cracks me up! She has this adorable little habit that I'm going to try to explain, but it is going to be very hard. I don't ever want to forget it since it is just the sweetest little thing. You know how kittens purr real deep inside when they're snuggling up next to you? Well, that's kinda the sound Chloe makes any time you read to her or when she's watching a movie. She sits really close and says "mmmhmmm" or "oooooohhh" or "uhhhuhhh" really quiet and dainty like. She has no clue she's doing this. It's like she's trying to show you she's relating to what you're saying, like when some people shake their heads when they talk to you or make little sounds in their throat that mean "yes, I understand" (I'm assuming here, that 'normal' people do this, since I know I do...let's just assume that it's normal for the sake of this conversation). There's no way we could video this or catch it on tape since it's so quiet, nobody else but the person she's leaning against knows she's doing it. To me, it is the epitome of her femininity - the need to relate and connect. It's a beautiful thing and brings a huge smile to my face everytime.

Lego Bliss

1/04/2009 — cori
Can you say "obsessed"? I love this picture. It portrays their love affair with any and all things Lego. Lego marketing works my friends...at least on these suckers. They live for the day the new Lego catalog comes in the mail. The other day they were out front playing when I called outside to tell them they got their catalog in the mail. They instantly stopped what they were doing and layed in the grass together for over an hour perusing each and every page of the catalog. I failed to get a picture then, however. But the next day, while we were driving around town, I remembered. They study this thing like there's going to be a test on it at any minute. They know the cost of every single item in the catalog. They know how many pieces each item comes with. They know if it is a Lego catalog exclusive only or if you could also find it at Toys R Us and Target. They know what figures and how many come with each set. They 'name it and claim it' on each page. Each kid gets exclusive rights to which ever item they 'call' on that page first. I am absolutely amazed with the energy, effort, time, seriousness and adoration that goes into this activity. My only wish is that one of my children might one day become a Lego employee - that would be bliss my friends, pure bliss!

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