Oct 2, 2012

Could It Be?

10/02/2012 — cori

Pain, heartache, brokenness, sorrow
Wondering how in the world you will face tomorrow.

Hardship, anger, loneliness, despair
Wondering if anyone even gives a care.

Abandoned, distraught, hurt, afraid
Praying this all goes away some day.

"What have I done wrong?"
"Where is God in all this?"
"If I only try harder, had more money, pray more,
then maybe things wouldn't be so amiss."

As followers of Jesus, believers in God
What is the way we are to respond
When suffering sneaks into our life
And cuts our hearts deep with its careless knife?

David questioned, cried and lamented.
It was towards God that he yelled and vented.
Job lost everything and everyone he held dear.
And questioned the love of the God that he feared.
Jesus, as a man, was acquainted with sorrow
He asked his Father if this cup of suffering could pass by him tomorrow.

The common thread in these stories of woe
Is they cried out to God, before Him did they go
Expressing their feelings of desperate sorrow
Yet somehow trusting He really cared even if they didn't know
The whys or the answers or the reasons behind
Yet choosing "Your will be done....not mine."

Could it be that our suffering serves some greater good
That we can't see with these human eyes like we should?
Could it be that sometimes the hardest path
Isn't set before us because of God's wrath?
Could it be that He's guiding us, loving us, growing us too
Using these hardships because He knew
There's no other way we'd come to the end of ourself
Completely dependent on Him for Life and nobody else?

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