Apr 25, 2006

Back to Normal

4/25/2006 — cori

My boys and I just had the most wonderful vacation. We had the opportunity to go out of state to visit their great-grandparents. What wonderful memories we were able to build. What beautiful views of history we learned of as they told us story after story. What peace and tranquility we lived in for the past week.

Notice, I said the boys and I. Chuck and Chloe had the chance to have more bonding time together at home. We all grew closer together while we were far apart. But obviously, that is not what this story is about. That sounds too 'Leave It To Beaverish' doesn't it? Not all the loving and missing each other stuff, that was extremely genuine, but the part where it all sounds so perfect with no mishaps, that's the part I'm talking about. What could possibly go wrong on our vacation?

Nothing actually. The craziness began the minute we saw Chuck and Chloe waiting for us through the windows at the baggage claim area in the airport. You know how all the new security rules mean that we can no longer drop loved ones off and pick them up at their gate anymore; we have to wait outside the 'secure area' now. It is because of this inconvenient little rule that we once again caused mass pandemonium on all that had the privilege of being in our presence.

Thankfully, the gate where we landed wasn't too far from the baggage claim area. The boys and I were loaded down with bags. Seriously, we were pack-mules. Each of us had two heavy items we were carrying on our persons. (And don't think I wasn't reminded of this fact infinite amounts of times throughout the trip). We had made it through three airports with all this baggage all by ourselves. All we had left now was to make it another 50 yards and we would finally be back with Daddy and Chloe. We were joyous!

Unfortunately, there was the rotating doors that kept the 'unsecure people' away from the 'secure people' that we still had to get through before hugs and kisses could be given. Not a problem, right? Oh no. This would be the biggest problem of our entire trip. Let's see how I can describe this with words in order to give you the best visual description possible...hmmm...

Well, you know how these rotating doors just keep going, they never stop? And you know how they are divided into 3 equal parts? And you know how you're supposed to exit out onto the other side (the 'non-secure side') and meet your waiting family members? Well, that seems to be the confusing part for my children.

Gavin made it into the revolving door area with no problems. Bennett, on the other hand, wasn't sure if he should join his brother or wait for the next go around. One is not given an adequate amount of time to really think through this type of dilemma. It appeared as if he wanted to go it alone, but then remembered that he doesn't like to be alone, so at the last possible moment, he squeezes in with Gavin forgetting the fact that he is dragging his little suitcase on wheels behind him.

Remember, these doors just keep going. There is NO off button. Yet Bennett has successfully jammed the door with his little suitcase and they are stuck in the little revolving door area. Keep in mind, the entire flight is still behind me, also waiting to exit. So now, I have the security lady running over to help me cram Bennett's little suitcase through an opening too small. She now has to pull back on the door to keep it from moving. I'm still holding onto two huge suitcases of my own and shoving Bennett's suitcase with my foot. It's not helping that I'm also seeing a huge red light flashing above my head over the little turnstile door. I'm positive that the FBI, TSA, and Homeland Security will be running through the halls in my direction at any moment.

But finally, disaster was averted with enough pushing, shoving and pulling. Bennett finally made it to the other side and it was my turn to go through. However, just as Gavin and Bennett reached Daddy who was in arms reach of the door, Chloe starts running into the turnstile door and is now stuck inside it going the WRONG WAY. Remember, those people on the 'non-secure side' are forbidden to enter the 'secure side' and here is my daughter trying to reach me and is fully unaware of the security breech she is creating.

Thankfully before any alarms could go off, with lightning speed, Chuck jumped into the revolving door area and yanked Chloe out before she was totally trapped. I was finally able to cram myself and my two suitcases through this cursed revolving door without too much fanfare. My very first thought once I got to hug my husband and hold my little girl was, "Ahh, now we're back to normal!"

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