Oct 19, 2018


10/19/2018 — cori

This sweet 14 year old is ALL ABOUT MAKE-UP. She knows way more than I do. She also does an amazing job on her make-up. We've never had one argument about her wearing too much or doing it distastefully. I even learn stuff from her.

For instance, last night Chloe and I were out together. She looks at me and does the universal sign for you've got something on your face you need to brush off.  She's swiping her finger under her eyes like I should do the same. She whispers, "Mom. You have fallout under your eyes. You might want to take care of that." 

I immediately take off my glasses and start wiping my eyes. It was as embarrassing as if I had just been told I had broccoli stuck between my teeth. And then I realized, I don't even know what fallout is? So I ask, "Is that like sleep from my eye? Or a mascara smudge?"

"Mawwmmmm! (eye roll) No! (huffy breath) It's the excess powder you didn't shake off your eyeshadow brush and it caused all types of eyeshadow fallout under your eyes. You definitely don't want that!"


No. I definitely don't want fallout.

And I thought I was doing a good thing by using a brush for my eye shadow.  I know I'm still a newbie since I just joined the, "Use-Brushes-For-Eye-Shadow-Like-All-The-Cool-Kids-Instead-Of-Applicators" club. Who knew I was causing fallout? Certainly not me. Applicators are so late 90s/early 2000s. I need to get with the program.

This is why us middle-aged women always benefit from having a much more knowledgable teenage girl around. 

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