Nov 12, 2018

The Greek Freak and Bennett

11/12/2018 — cori
After watching this interview on Giannis Antetokounmpo, we knew we had to see him live, in action.

What better way than give the Greek Freak to Bennett for his birthday?! So last night the three of us braved a snowstorm to go watch the evenly matched Denver Nuggets play the Milwaukee Bucks.

We could only afford nose-bleed seats, but the view was still great.

Our party of three. 

Giannis in action! The bested the Nuggets 121 to 114.

Can I just say how awesome this kid is?! I absolutely love spending time with him! He has the kindest heart, a crazy hard work-out ethic, he's driven, he's sensitive, he has gone through some pretty hard times and come out the other side a better person and as if that wasn't enough - he is HILARIOUS! He does the best impersonation of me. He knows every Michael Scott quote there is and uses them at the perfect moment. He starts every morning out with a hug for me and never lets the day end without a good-night hug. I'm so proud to be his mom!

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