Feb 14, 2006

Operation Valentine

2/14/2006 — cori

I was given the invitation this past weekend. Chuck & Gavin designed a sweet little number inviting me to a dinner date at our house – formal attire none-the-less – for Valentine’s Day. I have to say, this was one of the best ‘dates’ I’ve ever been on.

The kids love keeping secrets. Gavin even had all the instructions Chuck gave him written down and shoved into his shirt pocket. I noticed him consult his all important list several times. And of course, they were dressed to the nines. Both boys donned their Sunday best. Just to give you a visual image: clip-on ties all caddy-wompus, shirt-tails un-tucked, pants pulled up way above their belly-buttons and no socks or shoes.

Chuck was sweet to come home from work and immediately get started on the ‘secret dinner’. I was given alone time in the bedroom which frustrated Chloe to no end. We ended up dancing, playing on the bed and playing Batman for a large chunk of that ‘alone time’ – not that I minded at all. The boys also had the good sense to ‘help’ me pick out my formal attire. I will not give you a visual description of what they chose for me to wear. Suffice it to say, there was much compromising going on.

After Chloe was cuddled, sung to and fast asleep in her bed, ‘Operation Valentine’ was put into action. Chuck ran down the ‘list’ one last time with Gavin and then whisked me away, out the front door. We sat out on our patio for a few minutes while the boys finished their final preparations inside. When we knocked on the door, we were greeted by a frantic Gavin. He was visibly upset that Bennett had strayed from ‘the plan’. Instead of turning on the c.d. player, Bennett unknowingly opened the c.d. player and neither one knew how to fix it. Chuck calmly intervened and the mini crisis was over. We repeated the whole knock on the door thing.

The boys were just so giddy about the whole idea – that their Daddy actually wanted and needed their help for this special occasion. They couldn’t wipe off the silly grins from their faces. Nor could they stop bouncing around. I don’t think they walked anywhere all night – they just jumped from one thing to the next. Their whole body burst with excitement.

Our table was the small kids table we normally keep upstairs for the kids’ to work on. It was placed strategically in the living room. Frank Sinatra provided the lovely background music. The boys set the miniature table beautifully. Gavin even made up a name for the ‘restaurant’ and taped it to the fireplace. Come to find out we were eating at the: G & B Restrront.

I was a little nervous during the whole candle lighting. Gavin had figured out how to use the fire starter, but had not quite mastered the whole aiming thing. Bennett brought us little valentine’s cards he had written. Matter of fact, we got four cards. He just couldn’t stay away from us. He wanted to just pull up a chair and hang out with us. When he wasn’t bouncing around like Tigger bringing us cards, he was just staring at us with a huge grin on his face or refilling my water glass.

It was so cute to see their excitement and servant hearts. This was truly love in action and the best gift I have ever received for Valentine’s Day.

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