Jan 4, 2020

Let's Go Adventuring

1/04/2020 — cori
A free, sunny, 60 degree Saturday in January has all the makings of an adventure. Sadly, Bennett had to work all day, but luckily, Brooke was available to join us, so we still numbered 5. Gavin had a hankering for Chuy's. Since it's an hour away from us, we decided to see what other fun things we could do around there. Lucky for us there was the Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum. This is where we in the above photo.

Who knew how incredible this museum would be?! Honestly, I took way too many photos of rocks. I really, really enjoyed my geology class in college.

 How can one not be impressed with a mini diorama made of silver and gold inside a walnut shell?!

This is Dolomite from Namibia.

This is Cyanotrichite from Idaho.

And this is the most incredible carving of a duck made out of Rhodochrosite.

Colorado School of Mines is located in Golden, Colorado. We accidentally happened upon the quaint little downtown area. Looks like an old west town. But we didn't stop, just passed through on our way to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center.

We had fun walking through the snow covered paths of the Forest Trail Loop.

Dad and Gavin doing their best to keep the shoes clean.

When one finds a tree, one climbs it.

So does the other one.

And the last one. All by herself with no help. 
I just love going adventuring!

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