Dec 11, 2012

True Story

12/11/2012 — cori

How can you resist this face?  This is the face of one spoiled dog!  Believe it or not, a neighbor asked if Ninja could have a playdate...and he doesn't even have a dog.  Yes.  True story.  This neighbor is an older gentleman who watches Ninja for us anytime we go out of town.  They have grown on each other.  Ninja is super easy going, laid back, doesn't bark (except to go out) and prefers to lay on chairs all day long.  Perfect energy level for a retired guy with health problems.  Turns out, he spoils Ninja rotten, giving her lots of treats everytime they're together.  We came back from a week vacation and I swear she was 10 pounds heavier.  This man's name is synonymous with "treat" now.  Even when I take her on a walk, she looks at his house longingly just hoping for a glimpse of her new favorite person.  When she does see him, she takes off at a gallop in his direction.  This is the ONLY time this dog actually runs.  Whenever we try to go on a run with her, she just trots or maybe she'll give us a fast trot, but never a gallop.  If I ever loose Ninja, the first place I look (after the front porch, she normally always comes home and barks at the front door to let us know she's home), is in the direction of this man's house.

So, it turns out he was having company Saturday night and wanted to introduce Ninja to all his friends.  What about us?  Did he not want to play cards with us, introduce us to his friends?  Are we not as fun as Ninja?  We don't only like him for what he gives us.  Seriously?!  We have a social issues.  Apparently, Ninja does not.

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