Jun 1, 2016

The Definition of Insanity

6/01/2016 — cori

You know how every night after dinner I get the dreaded question, "So, Mom, what's the plan for tonight?" I barely pulled together food to feed the family. I certainly don't have enough brain power left to be the entertainment coordinator for the evening as well. You would think I would be used to this after 17 years...but alas, I still cringe under the nightly scrutiny. I literally feel my brain back-pedaling to remember fun activities that we can do that don't involve the couch or the tv.  I should be honored that the kids still love to hang out with us night after night - and I am. I just don't want to be the planner anymore. I call being the follower. I'm okay with that.

Gavin told us a few days ago about a card game he was playing with his friends at school during lunch (and no, they don't usually play cards at school during lunch, they were on a field trip and had an extra long lunch and shockingly, some kid thought to pack cards - genius). So he tells us all about the game hearts and how it would be fun to switch up our nightly games of golf  or nertz with this game. We agreed and now, here we are. On the cusp of learning a new game.

Chuck and I played this alot growing up but couldn't remember the rules. So Gavin was the Game Meister for the night. He starts off by not telling us all the rules. It only goes downhill from there. He decides to share rules whenever he deems them necessary - which is whenever he's reminded of them from some action someone just took. Overall, it's pretty simple. You want to get rid of the queen of spades and all your hearts. Play low cards first. Winner is the one with the lowest score. Boom baby. Got it!

Unless you're Bennett who is more like this:

I can't tell you how many times we caught Bennett in lala land. He hand NO CLUE what he was doing each and every time it was his turn. He was just sitting there starring off into space, rubbing his hair, making goofy grins, and singing "I need you now....more than words can say I need  you now" (by Alias) And yes, because the song is so addictive, I might have also broken out into song a time or two to accompany him (but I was paying attention). And to make matters worse, every time we got to the end of the game, he still had an extra card left over. Every. Single. Time. What's up with that?!! It was beyond exasperating.

So we played our first hand as an open hand. Great. Got it. Let's get this little show on the road. Second hand...Bennett had an extra card. Game didn't count. Third hand...Bennett had an extra card. Game didn't count. Fourth hand...Bennett has no clue and plays high cards and hearts, thus, inadvertently giving himself all the points...and he has an extra card at the end. 

Game over. 

It was maddening. And hilarious. We laughed so hard. Another night for the memory books. 

If you ever want to play with Bennett, make sure it's basketball only.  All other games, play at your own risk.

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