Mar 3, 2014

Modern Study Habits

3/03/2014 — cori

I know I won't win any awards for this lovely photo, it's all wrong, too much back lighting, no detail in the foreground, yadayadayada...but it still helps tell the story.  I quickly went in Chloe's room and took this photo without her knowedge.  Everyday when she gets home from school I find her set up with her ipad either on her bed or at her desk doing homework with her friend.  They facetime each other and work through their homework together.  They are quick to explain things to one another but are adamant about not giving each other the answer.  On this fine day they are practicing their music homework together.  I hear both Katie and Chloe playing their (very out of tune) dulcimers together.   Although you can't see Katie on the ipad screen, she's there...I hear her sweet little voice every day. What an ingenuitive way to study now-a-days.  I like seeing positive ways of using technology.

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