Nov 5, 2016

The Power of Pain

11/05/2016 — cori

When does the struggle disappear?
When will I have peace instead of fear?
Will it always hurt this bad inside?
How long is the wait till God provides
The answer that will make me free?
Why is there torment inside of me?
Is struggle a normal part of life?
How do I live amidst the strife?
Will people always be unkind?
Where are the infamous ties that bind?
Is there hope inside of me?
Why is life never easy?
Can I skip this painful part?
How do I protect my broken heart?

When pain abounds inside my soul
I look around for what makes me whole.
Many things catch my view
Bountiful as the morning dew.
I could escape this struggle inside
And never learn how to abide
With the pain inside of me
A metamorphosis that will someday be
A heart and character shaped anew
A transformation that pain brought to
My weary, beaten, broken soul
Yet, mysteriously again made whole.
Project the pain, it won’t change you
Transform the pain, and life feels new.
This road of suffering can't be escaped.
The lessons learn can't be erased.
Struggle reveals beauty through pain
Like a diamond borne through strain.

Embracing struggle seems opposite to
What our normal senses want to do.
We yearn to run, hide, make it go away
In earnestness we wish, we beg, we pray
That God would free us from this pain
Yet our burden still remains.
Maybe my prayers are wrong, I fear
Not the right words God wants to hear.
The situation isn’t better yet
My mind and heart begin to fret.
Fear threatens to strangle me
The struggle goes on, sight unseen.
People think I’m doing well
But deep inside, it feels like hell.

Sit with the pain, let it be.
Embrace the struggle and you will see
How stillness, quiet and solitude
Can help your heart change it’s view
And see the struggle as a gift instead
Trust with your heart, not your head.
It doesn’t make sense, that is true
But God’s Spirit inside of you
Is with you always, even in this
Learn to trust and not to miss
That He carried you all along 
How this struggle made you strong.
Peace and joy of life renewed
Only after you walked through
The pain, the struggle, the difficult time
Bearing the burden in your mind.
To continue the circle of life and be
Happy, relieved, peaceful, and free.
Ever grateful for each new day
Whatever experience comes your way.
Because you found that walking through
The struggle is what’s best for you.

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