Feb 27, 2012

Dispensing Medicine

2/27/2012 — cori

You know you feel bad when you can't wait to take Nyquil, knowing relief is only moments away.  It's sad when your children don't share your same excitement.

Chuck and I just spent the past several days drowning in our beloved bottle of Nyquil.  No amount of homeopathic stuff or vitamins eased the stuffiness, aches, pains or fever like the lovely green liquid.  Desperate situations call for desperate measures.  Taking a tablespoon of the nasty, green stuff was equivalent to me walking into a wall and passing out.  It meant a few hours of precious sleep that previously eluded me because I couldn't breathe.

Unfortunately, all those in our house who have succumb to this nasty virus don't agree with my take on the amazing, medicinal qualities of Nyquil.  As I was coercing Gavin to "get his butt in the kitchen to take his medicine NOW", he responds with, "I could resist you, you know.  I know tae-kwon-do. I could knock all of y'all down."

For whatever reason that just gave me a fit of giggles.  Not good when you're holding a tablespoon of sticky, green, medicinal liquid meant for the "sick" son who is taller than you.  My laughing fit apparently only encouraged him to commence laughing and coughing and laughing.  An endless cycle.  Then every time he got close enough to my spoon (that I was so deftly holding over the sink and level with his mouth), I started in with another case of the giggles.  We were a hopeless pair.

To make matters worse, he thinks that if he holds his nose while inhaling the liquid, it won't taste so bad.  So he uses the hand closest to me to plug his nose.  That wouldn't be so bad if his elbow weren't a milimeter from my face as he's inching his face closer to my hand.  I'm either going to get hit in the face with his elbow or dump the entire contents of the spoon in the sink from my incessant giggling.  Chuck couldn't stand the little charade any longer and stepped in to save the day.   My hero.  He forced the medicine upon our eldest offspring.  It was now out of my hands, literally.

I love how Gavin could resist - but he didn't.  That's my boy!

Come to think of it, why didn't I just let Gavin dispense the medicine to himself?  It's hard, sometimes, to remember he's not 5 anymore and doesn't need me quite so much.  If he was to self medicate then we could avoid the whole shaky spoon syndrome.  It's not like the Mom is really helping the situation here.

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