Mar 25, 2010

Bennett's Lunch "Problem"

3/25/2010 — cori

Last night at dinner, Bennett decides it was time to tell us all about his interesting, little problem he had at lunch that day. It's important to know here, that at school, saving seats at lunch is a no-no. So, in order to sit with his friends, he tries to pick an undesirable location and hope nobody else chooses to follow him. Which is a slight problem because he seems to be a people magnet at school and everyone wants to sit at "Bennett's Table". The problem is, his friends always buy lunch and he always brings his lunch, so by time his friends are finished going thru the lunch line, his table is normally always full. And you can only sit 5 to a table. There. Now that the back drop is set, you'll better understand his story.

"So", he says with a playful grin on his face, "let me tell you about my little lunch problem at school today. I picked this table that I didn't think anyone would want to sit at. Then all of the sudden this girl I know (name with-held, but he admires her beautiful artwork and she sits at his table in class) comes to sit by me. Then her friend comes to sit by her. Then her friend comes to sit next her. Then before I know it, all the seats are full of girls and there's no room for my friends!" He says this like he's frustrated by it, but he has a huge smile on his face the whole time. "So, I had to sit at a table full of girls at lunch!"

"Oh boy! I bet you had fun!" I say.

Trying to blow it off, "Well, it wasn't all that bad. At least I got to play with my friends (meaning boys) at recess."

Then his thankful during dinner was, "I'm glad I still had a good lunch even though I had to sit at a table full of girls."

A whole audience full of giggly, little girls to laugh at his every joke and facial expression. I imagine he thought he was in heaven with all the attention!

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