Nov 2, 2013

Turning 12 on Halloween

11/02/2013 — cori

Bennett just loves that his birthday is on Halloween - and so do I!  It's so much fun to dress up and there's always a festive atmosphere.  We had fun celebrating Bennett prior to celebrating Halloween. The funniest part was reading the cards that Chloe and Gavin made for him that listed 12 things they each liked about him - those were hilarious!  Then came the part we had waited for with much anticipation all day long - dressing up!

Bennett was Mr. USA Biker Dude in memory of all 
the bikers we met on vacation in S.D. this past summer.
Some black leather chaps, tattoos and chains would have 
made the outfit that much more believeable.

Chloe was a Japanese girl.

Gavin was a billionaire financier.  I preferred to call him Artemis Fowl
but he said nobody else would get it since they probably didn't read the books. 

Chuck was Morty.  I especially loved his one strap velcro shoes.
Too bad I didn't get a photo with his red Las Vegas hat perched deftly on the top of his head.

I was a disco queen.  White boots would have made the outfit
 that much more believeable. (btw - I don't even know any disco moves).
Somebody actually asked me if I was Madonna (but that's a good idea for next year!).

 One big happy family!

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