Sep 19, 2015

Born To Do

9/19/2015 — cori
Whenever Bennett and I drive in the car together he loves to pick songs from my playlist and up the volume really loud! A lot of the songs on my playlist where added by the kids. This song is one example. Bennett introduced me to Steven Cooper and his rap and I have to say I love it! I never thought I'd be one of those people who play their music so loud that other people give them weird looks as they pass. But dude - this song and Bennett demand it. This is us doing our best 'cool' impersonation. Can't you just hear that loud music in the background as we rock the 'cool look'.

This is an excellent song by the way. Bennett uses it to get pumped up before a game. I sing it the whole time I'm hiking. Whatever it is you love, you'll soon find yourself humming it inside your head. You might even find that you can handle louder decibels while driving around town in your car. Sometimes you may or may not have a teenager with you and you might be listening to it anyway. I'm just sayin. Make sure you turn the volume's better that way!

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