Jun 9, 2006

Daddy Stories

6/09/2006 — cori

You guessed it - this is not the "Mommy" who usually runs this blog. The "Daddy" has been asked to write a brief synopsis of two recent conversations with our sons superheroes.

The other day Superhero #2 asked me why I had to go to work. I advised him that all daddies have to go to work to get money so they can buy things for the family like a house and food and stuff. I also told him that one day, when he grew up, he too would have a job and would have go to work and be away from his family.

He was quick to correct me. He said, "No, Dad. When I grow up, I'm going to be a Superhero. I'm not sure what type of costume God is going to give me yet, but I hope its cool." Apparently he thinks God anoints superheroes.

This next story pertains to Superhero #1. A couple of months ago, I went to a neighborhood Homeowner's Association meeting and had my little helper with me. One part of the meeting was a talk given by a police officer regarding starting a local neighborhood crime watch program. About half way through the officer's talk, Gavin whispered to me: "Daddy, if they wanted to talk about crime prevention, why didn't they ask me? I could have talked about fighting crime." I said, "Well, that's because you don't know anything about crime prevention, right?" He looked at me in shock. With disgust in his voice and wee bit too much volume, he said "Uh, Dad. Yes I DO! I'm a superhero!"

I'm not looking forward to the day when they realize that they will not actually become superheroes when they grow up. But for now, I love their hearts.

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