Jan 15, 2013

Phone Flipping

1/15/2013 — cori
It's your average night at our house.  Some are getting ready for bed, others are lounging around, not quite sure what to do with themselves.  Gavin is following me like a puppy.  "Hey Mom, did you know that I can flip my phone in the air 8 times before dropping it?"

"I did not.  This is good information to know, Gavin."

"Ya.  Thankfully, when it dropped it fell on the carpet."

"Yep.  That's good."

"Want me to show you?"

"Sure.  Why not?"

When then end up in the front room all gathered around Gavin and counting aloud as he's flipping his phone in the air and catching it again.  We're going for greater than 8.  Yet, he fails at 4.  Then Bennett gets his turn because this has now progressed into a competition and someone has to win.  Bennett, too, drops it at 4.  Count me in next.  Come to find out, I rock at the phone flipping game.  I did the phone flip 31 times!  I know.  Impressive.  Chuck tried, but didn't even make it to 20.

Bennett wanted another go at it to show his flipping prowess but I told him it was shower time.  I got the typical, "But Mom, I didn't even get sweaty today."

"Well...maybe not.  But you folk danced in p.e. today, didn't you."

"Well, ya.  But that doesn't count."

Gavin then declared all folk dancers must shower and no longer be phone flippers.

This is the level of humor and conversation we stoop to on school nights.  

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