Jan 17, 2014

Fifteen and Fearless

1/17/2014 — cori

I've always known this day was coming, I just didn't realize it would get here so fast.  I knew Gavin wouldn't be 6 forever.  I've always looked forward to each of the kids' birthdays.  I'm so thankful to have them for one more year, to watch their personalities bloom and come to know them on deeper and deeper levels. And then all of the sudden one day BAM! you're looking up at them and wondering who they morphed into overnight.  Is this one of his superhero stunts he was always trying to pull off when he was 6?

Sadly, it is not.  It is called life and it happens and we have to accept it.  I want my kids to see my excitement for all they will get to experience in this life as they grow up instead of see me feeling sorry for myself that they are no longer little and needing me the way they once did.  I refuse to make this about me.  Their lives are awesome gifts and I want to celebrate every moment of them.  There's a delicate balance between living in the past and remembering those times with fondness, joy and nostalgia.  

We used to (and still do) go on random date nights with each kid separately.  And of course we liked to document these special times with goofy pictures.  This particular time we were at Panera's gulping down hot chocolate in cups the size of our face and reading a book aloud together.  Our dates now-a-days still have something to do with a book or bookstore.  I just think it's cool he still wants to go out on a date with his mom at the hyper cool age of 15.


Speaking of cool, I couldn't be any cooler than I am in this picture.  I am fighting my son with a bamboo stick.  This is the definition of cool, people.  Actually, he was trying to teach me some moves and I was trying to learn.  I would rather 'fight' him any day over playing Yughioh, trust me.  This, I can do.  Apparently I'm a fast learner as well...a fact that also adds to my 'cool mom' status.  You just can't ask too many questions or act all silly - I can do that (sometimes).

I asked Gavin to then show me some moves he's learning in the new martial arts class he's taking, Jeet Kune Do. - it is referred to as the "art of fighting without fighting." He's taken to this form of martial arts like a duck to water.  It's involves quiet strength, applied philosophy and quick thinking...all of which he possesses and desires to grow in.  I just love that about him.  He never wants to quit learning. He loves a challenge (especially the one of making sure his socks find the hamper everyday, apparently).  It is so fun seeing where all this superhero business of the early years is taking him.

Chuck drew the lucky straw for date night on this, the eve of his 15th birthday.  It was a rather low-key celebration.  He didn't want too big a deal made of it.  So they enjoyed bonding over their Which-Wich sandwiches before heading off to see "Thor 2" at the theater.  It was everything he hoped it would be.

Times have changed a little bit, but that's okay.  We've lived life fully with no regrets.  I owe Gavin a huge thank you for being my guinea pig and teaching me how to be a mom.  He has the patience of Job.  I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for this awesome kid.

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