Jul 16, 2014


7/16/2014 — cori

Oh how I love summer, let me count the ways:

1. no schedule
2. lots of sun
3. kids home
4. eating outside
5. more time with friends
6. lots of play time
7. perfect weather
8. the smell of fresh-cut grass
9. fields of cornstalks waving in the wind
10. working in the backyard
11. birdsongs
12. sunsets at the lake
13. the heat of the sun on my skin

These past few days have been the epitome of all that summer is for me.  I just love having the kids home!  It's not so much that they want to do stuff with me, but it's the fact that they want me there, they want to hang out at our house and just spend time together.  Sometimes it looks like us just sitting on the sofa reading a book together. Other times it's lazy evenings eating ice cream and watching our favorite summer shows (yay Food Network Star and American Ninja Warrior!).  The last couple of days it looks like neighborhood friends coming and hanging out at our house all day long.  How I love that!  I love that everyone wants to be here.

It's not so much that the kids friends are here that I love, it's who they are that I love.  They are the sweetest people.  We have a high school freshman, junior and senior that think it's fun coming to hang with us all day.  Not to mention my own 3.  And eating all our food.  It's always busy here around lunch time.  They spent one whole day playing hide n seek in the house.  When that game ran it's course they felt the need to consult with the activities coordinator for more exciting ideas.  I am pleased to announce that I did have a few acceptable activities up my sleeve for just such an occasion.

They ended up spending the rest of the afternoon demolishing my family room.  I suggested building obstacle courses and racing through them.  In my mind's eye, I saw them outside doing this particular activity.  But they preferred the indoors so I gave them cart blanche reign over the family room.  There's not much that can get hurt in that room.

Not once did anyone turn on the tv or complain of being bored.  I loved watching this creativity in action.  This is what I love about being a stay at home mom.

When the excitement of that started to wane they were ready for more ideas from the idea generator. Thank God I had time to think.  Most of my ideas were great 7 years ago, not so much anymore.  I need to start thinking like a teenager again.  A cool one.  The next idea I came up with was a shot in the dark, but I knew my kids really enjoyed this game so I thought everyone might.  They ended up playing the communication game that we always enjoy around here.  It was so fun to listen and watch as the neighbor kids struggled through what at first glance is an apparently easy game to play.

After whittling away the rest of the afternoon everyone said goodbye only to start again the next day.
Yesterday they began by building an obstacle course for me to go through.  Then somehow, I'm still not exactly sure, but I was the one building the obstacle course and timing them as they raced through it. I was deemed an expert course builder, a title I hold dear.  Next on the agenda was a bike ride up to the convenience store for junk food - sans Mom.

They all made plans to meet back at our house once it was dark (making it like 9:30pm) for serious play time.  There's nothing quite like a game of hide-n-seek in the dark.  They also added a new game that the freshman learned at church camp - Murder in the Dark.  Since it was a church camp game afterall, I felt it would be acceptable.  Thankfully, they modified it to be a little more non-violent, so instead of using your finger to mimic slicing the victims throat, they chose to tap the victim on the head.  I was so proud of them.  Chuck got to enjoy the all the dark games while I got to enjoy the peace and quiet of reading alone in my room.  I was exhausted after a full day of play.

Today looked completely different from the other two days.  Chloe and Bennett played with the little 7 and 5 year old girls from across the street.  I just love how all the ages can blend together and play so well together.  Each family genuinely looks out for each other and each other's kids.  My heart is full.

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