Apr 15, 2010

Easy Listening

4/15/2010 — cori
This is Gavin's nightstand next to his bed. The alarm clock was our gift to him for his 11th birthday. He was thrilled with the fact that it was an "i" something. It's called an iSymphony. It has a dock for an iPhone or an iTouch - neither of which are items Gavin has, wants or has even asked for. He cherishes the simple things in life. An alarm clock with built in cd player was HUGE to him. He read the owner's manual from front to back in less than an hour. He knows exactly what each key sequence does. He even has his own stack of cds now. And now that he has all this power in one little piece of equipment, its cool to see the choices he makes with it. For instance, of all the radio stations he could set his alarm clock to, he chooses the classical station. I. Love. That! It is my own personal favorite - what my station in the car is set to. I've never pushed my music on any of the kids...we listen to what they like when they're in the car (usually a book on tape). But that he would choose classical to wake up to makes me smile. But then it also explains why he never wakes up when his alarm goes off either. He lays there for another 10 minutes because the sound is so soothing and peaceful. I so love seeing their little personalities show up in places I hadn't even thought about.

Now Bennett on the other hand...he's like me. He doesn't need an alarm. He's up before his even goes off. But he likes having it set, just in case. And his station is no where near anything classical. He has the country station blaring every morning. Speaking of radios...did you know this was the one Chuck bought when he started college almost 20 years ago??? That's a blast to the past. Shockingly, it still works. Early 1990's technology - gotta love it!

Chloe has an alarm clock, but it's just for looks. She even purchased it with her own money. I don't know if that girl ever sleeps. She's awake already, no matter how early I wake up. And she sings at night after I put her to bed. Often she's still singing when I go to bed myself. I wish I had what it was that keeps her awake all day. She uses her alarm clock during the day when she gets the urge to dance. Her's is also set to the classical station. She is classical through and through. She even begs me to put it on in the car. Personally, I think she could probably try to fit one more large item on that teeny, tiny night stand. And that 'horse' in the background...that would scare me if I had to wake up and look at that first thing every morning.

Daddy walks to the beat of a different drummer. He's all about sports radio. And it's always loud. It's on his car. In the garage. On his headphones while he's working at the computer. He has a steady diet of sports facts. Thank God one of the prerequisites for marriage isn't liking each others' music (or choice of radio station) .

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