Apr 5, 2016


4/05/2016 — cori

With eyes big and blue
Fine hair in a golden hue
And those adorable cheeks, too
Chloe, I'm so in love with you!

As a child of three
With immense curiosity
A little voice so squeaky
Always adoring her mommy.

Daddy's little girl
Love making your dresses swirl
Not a care in this world
As you dance in your pearls.

Always the little lady
Even though you're the baby
Of two brothers who are crazy
But truly love you greatly.

When you were young and very shy
It was amazing to watch as time slipped by
And you transformed into a social butterfly
Excited to learn, forever asking "why".

Your love of reading and books
Was evident from your very first look
You couldn't help but be hooked
In a house filled with volumes in every nook.

Ever the thoughtful and sensitive one
Your heart carries a heavy burden
For the injustice the world has done
On people and animals both old and young.

As time marches on
And your younger years are gone
The memories stay strong
Of who you've been all along.

You are the light in your Daddy's eyes
He treats you like a special prize
You can do no wrong, you can tell no lies
Listen to your Daddy, he will make you wise.

I love who you are, I like what you do
May twelve be a special year for you
May you grow in love, forgiveness, and grace too
Be who you are, love what you do!

Twelve looks good on you!

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