Mar 18, 2014

It's How We Roll

3/18/2014 — cori

It's late Monday night the week of March Madness.  Isn't this what every American family is doing? Filling out our brackets....that is the fun family activity for this evening.

Chloe makes her decisions based on which team sounds the coolest or if she's ever heard of them before.  Bennett's selection process is a little more scientific.  He's choosing based on what the kids at school are saying as well as drawing from his extensive knowledge of teams from having watched at least all the 10 college basketball games during the season. Gavin, well...he's our wild card.  He really hates to do things he knows nothing about (and hates anything related to sports in particular).  I suggested he make this one huge mathematical problem to which he declined.  He opted instead to go with the schools with the weirdest sounding names.  He has Villanova going all the way to the Championship but has labeled them the "Villian" school.  Plus, we bribed him to participate.  We told him that whoever wins the bracket gets a dozen donuts.  That right there was enough to sway his powers of reasoning.  Chloe drew the picture of the type of donut she wants on the back of her bracket as an incentive.

You would be proud of me.  I actually downloaded a whole section about March Madness onto my phone so I could research.  Chuck was actually impressed and used my said download to actually help compile his list.  That is what he is studying so intently in the picture.  I used two separate articles to help me put together the winning bracket.  But to be honest, I went more with my intuition than anything else.  This is absolute madness!  No one can predict who will win cuz this is college basketball and that's the beauty of the game - anyone can win!

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