Jul 29, 2005

The Ultimate in Efficiency

7/29/2005 — cori

I am a proud parent. This is a great day. My child has successfully learned a trait I deem of utmost importance - He has demonstrated to me the understanding of efficiency. I did not know which of our little off-spring might inherit this desired skill. But it is a mystery no more.

With all humility, I would like to introduce my newest little protege in efficiency....my son, Bennett. It has come to my attention that he understands this concept more clearly than I had previously thought.

Here is how I first became aware of this gene in his life. I was folding the laundry, as I do every Monday and stacking it neatly on the bed. When it strikes me, "Hmmm, Bennett only has 3 pair of underwear in here...I wonder why?" I then determine to do a little research before jumping the gun and prematurely expecting other efficient tasks from him. I watch him closely as he places his clothes in the hamper. Yes, all clothes make it to the hamper, except for the underwear. Is he purposely ignoring his parents' directive of cleanliness or does he have some other agenda we are unaware of.

My questions are answered as I watch him change for bed after bath-time one night. He takes the previously worn underwear and.....ready for this most efficient action?.....turns them inside out and wears them again the next day. The thought process is there. It might need a little tweaking, but I believe he will eventually become a full functioning efficient adult. Could a parent be any prouder? I think not!

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