Feb 23, 2019

The Managers

2/23/2019 — cori

This foursome is in charge of all four boys basketball teams at Windsor High School. We are so proud of Chloe for trying breaking out of her comfort zone and trying something new and different. She had made friends with one of these girls in a class. The girl suggested she tryout for basketball manager. Chloe thought it could be fun, but she was super nervous because she knew she'd have to take a test on basketball terminology and rules. So Chuck and Bennett taught and quizzed her. She got accepted as manager and then all four girls instantly hit it off.

They fill all the water bottles for the boys. They run the clock during practices. They keep player stats during games. The clean up. They hold all the boys' phones. The list of chores seem endless. They're at practice for 4 hours after school every day and on Saturdays. And yet they all love it. 

I think what Chloe loves most is getting the chance to feel connected to the school and a team without actually participating in a sport. She's not a very "sportsy" girl. But she likes feeling a part of something. She's gotten to know all the players. It helps that her brother is on the team. They travel to all the away games with the boys. They really are an integral part of the team. And she just found out she can letter in Managing. Bonus.

We recently hosted a sleepover for all 4 girls at our house at the end of the season. It was sweet to watch the dynamics of their friendship and to see how well they get along and work together. Chloe's strong suit has always been that she is very adaptable. Her life has sorta forced that on her. It's never easy being the new kid in school - especially when it comes to high school. But she has done an outstanding job, once again, adapting to her new situation and thriving in it. 

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