Mar 16, 2006

Deep Thoughts...with Bennett

3/16/2006 — cori

Here’s a sampling of some of the things my son has pondered today:

1. “Why can’t I get married right now?”
Mommy’s answer: First of al,l it’s illegal Honey. Second, you’re too young. And third, because I said so.

2. “I still love you Mom, even though I’m making bad choices today.”
Mommy’s answer: Thank you, Sweetie. I never doubted that.

3. “Why did God make me a boy?”
Mommy’s answer: Because he knew you wanted to be a superhero, Honey and boys are normally stronger than girls. So, in order to be a strong superhero, you needed to be a boy.

4. “I can’t go to sleep cuz my eyes are too blinky.”
Daddy’s answer: Deal with it.

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