Feb 9, 2015

Dinner Duress

2/09/2015 — cori

My typical dinner-time prep look.

I typically start making dinner around 4pm every evening.  Around this same time Bennett decides it's time to 'relax' after getting all his homework done.  In order for him to relax he and Chloe go down to the family room, crank up the Grooveshark (as high as it will go) with their favorite songs and start 'messing around'.  I'm not exactly sure what 'messing around' entails but whenever I peek in on them I gather it has something to do with wrestling, throwing pillows, doing karate kicks in the air and dancing like monkeys.  I can't be 100% sure but that's my best guess.  And all of this is being done to the ambient background music of their individual playlists.  Songs such as these accost me during my mealtime preparation:

I don't even know what this song means.  What is a bullseye in relation to this song?  What is this genre of music?  Why would you make a song with only a synthesizer?  Are the 80's music trends coming back?  How should I interpret this?  I don't even know what 'dubstep' means.  My ramp-up with this new fangled music is very slow.

If people don't think Christian music is cool, then they haven't heard Toby Mac.  

If anyone knows me even slightly, they know three things about me...I operate best under perfect conditions, I love classical music and I get confused easily (especially around loud music).  This could be a recipe for disaster.  How am I supposed to put all of my concentration into making dinner when I would rather dance?  Or when I can't remember my name because some type of foreign, new, music is invading my sound waves thus messing with my brain waves?  But I must stay cool, above all else, my coolness factor is associated with 'liking' their music.  Thus, I am cool.

Let's just say dinner is always interesting.  I might forget a component here or there.  I might have to push through and do some hard thinking and concentrating in order to get a meal on the table with all the right ingredients.  I might forget a whole part of the meal that was on the menu.  But hey, at least the kids got to 'relax' after school.

Who knows, maybe one day in the future when all the kids have grown and left the house, I might put on these songs and cook dinner just for the fun of it to bring back my old friend 'confusion' that I had to deal with on a nightly basis.  It will remind me of unabashed joy and relaxation - something my children taught me.

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