May 20, 2016

My Filter

5/20/2016 — cori

My Filter

You may think I see things just like you
But my lens filters everything that comes through.
When I look at the world I know what I see
Others can't know exactly what that will be.
We view the same basic image to be true
But the color and clarity might be different to you.
Maybe the way I see things, to you, are new.

I use my words to explain what I see out there
But if your filter is different, you may feel I'm being unfair.
You may think I'm not explaining the way things truly are
But what if your filter is skewing things from afar?
Communication is the important key,
I patiently explain to you, you to me, 
exactly what we see.

Mutual respect is the object here,
Not authority, correctness or something to fear.
We need to take time to listen, learn and be kind
To another's point of view that's not like mine.
Understanding where the other comes from
And listening to how life's experiences shape some
Displaces the fear and anger that often come
From the desire to be right all the time
And replaces it with compassion and words that are kind.

I may find a tribe who share the same filters as me
But that doesn't make us right, it should cause us to be
Sensitive to others with opposing views
Because none of us have all the truth.
If I want to understand you,
I must respect and listen to what you think is true.
We need each other to love, learn and grow
And from that open heart peace begins to flow.
We then start to understand that more we listen, the less we know.

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