Dec 20, 2015

My Christmas Prayer

12/20/2015 — cori


that peace will exist
that good will come
that life will improve
that violence will cease
that cures will be found
that hearts will be healed
that justice will be shown
that the sick will be cured
that wrongs will be righted
that the weary will find rest
that relationships will be restored
that our lives will make a difference


in the way I live
in the opinions I give
in the efforts I put forth
in the words that I speak
in the knowledge I learn
in the wisdom I dispense
in the depths of my heart
in the accolades I receive
in the role I've been given
in my thoughts towards others
in the way I live what I believe
in respecting those with whom I disagree


for all of the poor
for all of the addicts
for those without hope
for the weary refugees
for those without water
for the children of abuse
for the war-torn countries
 for those who need shelter
for those imprisoned wrongly
for the people who are enslaved 
for those who think they're forgotten
for those who are trying to help all of these

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