Feb 28, 2006

Self-Esteem Booster

2/28/2006 — cori

Chloe has taken it upon herself to be my cheerleader. With one look, one word, or one action she can change my whole outlook on life. Her latest, greatest is to look at me, with a sweet little smile and smiley little eyes and pronounce, "Pripee". I'll then ask her, "Who is pretty, Chloe?" And she'll get a gigantic grin on her face, point to me and say, "Mommeee pripee". How can that not make my heart swell?

Bennett has been trying this ploy for months now, as well. However, his is done purely out of manipulation. He’s trying to soften the blow of which discipline I’ll hand out to him. If I’ve caught him red-handed, he’ll look at me and say, “Mom, I love you. I think you’re pretty too.” I’m sure the response he’s hoping his compliment illicits would be something like: Oh sweet, thoughtful Bennett, my beloved child, how could I punish you now after you have bestowed such accolades upon me, your Mother? I shall now do away with all disciplinary procedures and dwell amongst the flattery you have so timely lavished upon me.
Since he’s realized that the timing of his compliments have gotten him nowhere, he has moved on to a more casual approach. He now informs me, “Mom, I think you look pretty today – even if you’re wearing THAT.” Why, thank you, Bennett, you have made my day.

You just can’t beat the perks of being a Mom!

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