Jul 14, 2012


7/14/2012 — cori

In the spirit of the olympics, I'd like to take a moment to divulge a conversation Chuck and I were having recently.  Keep in mind, this was a serious conversation.

Chuck:  "What sport do you think you're good enough in to compete at an olympic level?"

Me:  "Seriously?  If I was good enough at anything, don't you think I'd be there this summer?"

Chuck:  "You know what I mean...which one would you want to do?"

Me:  "None.  I don't have enough discipline to train as hard as they do.  I love to watch them and admire the athletes tremendously.  But I so wouldn't want to compete.  I'd be so nervous I'd throw up."

Chuck:  "Well...I think I could compete on an olympic level at go-kart racing.   I'm that good."

Me:  "Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?!   The only people you've ever beat on a go-kart race track are the kids.  How hard is that?  It's a lawn mower engine."

Chuck:  "I'm serious.  It takes skill to round those corners and cut people off and shave off time as you go around the track."

Me:  "I am so done with this conversation. I can't believe we're even having it."

Doesn't this make you just wish you could sit around and have lovely conversations such as these with Chuck and me?

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