May 27, 2007

Stuck in Bed

5/27/2007 — cori

Bennett sleeps on the top bunk. He had already gotten into bed last night but realized he forgot something. Now first, I need to explain that he is 'too cool' to get to and from the top bunk just using the ladder provided. Spiderman wouldn't take such an easy route...and neither does Bennett. He prefers to shimmy his way up and down the headboard side. This involves showing off his climbing prowess, his muscles and it's just plain cool to do. Who needs ladders?

Now you'll understand how Bennett's leg got stuck in between the slats on the top as he was trying to exit. His footing slipped on a pillow and his leg went sliding right through two slats - up past his knee. Now, the distance between the slats is maybe 4 or 5 inches. Thankfully this happened while he was still on the bed side of the headboard, not while he was precariously dangling over the edge.

All of this is happening unbeknownst to me, however. I'm having a wonderfully relaxing time in my bath as Chuck was tucking the kids into bed. Come to find out later, he told me that he had a 'little problem' upstairs he was fixing. A problem? What happened? Did the dog pee upstairs?

"Oh no, don't worry, the dog wasn't was Bennett" Chuck replied. Oh boy, what could have happened? Is he okay? "Oh yes...don't worry...I've just spent the past ten minutes slathering lotion on his leg." Should I ask why ? Did he have a bug bite? "No. He had his leg stuck in between the slats. I finally got it out" he finally replies. Oh, don't worry, huh?! My baby has just been sitting there the whole time I'm in my bath, stuck on the top bunk screaming for Daddy to call 911 and I don't need to worry?!

I ran upstairs to see how he was doing post trauma. Of course, the boys were laughing about it now. I told them of how glad I was that Daddy was home because I have no clue how I would have handled the situation. I told them I probably would have gotten a screw driver and started taking the bed apart. Then they both reminded me that if I did that, the bed would fall apart with Bennett's leg still stuck. I obviously am not a quick thinker under pressure. Bennett told me that he kept telling Daddy to call 911. I'm glad we went to the Fire Station and had that Emergency Training Course in which they let children know what constitutes an emergency and what does not. I'm proud of my boy - he was listening well.

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