Jun 4, 2008

Showing My Age

6/04/2008 — cori

At some point in time we must each come to terms with the fact that we are indeed 'stuck in an era'. I openly admit mine is the much beloved era of the 90's. I'm even proud to say the era in which Michael Jordan dominated the sport of basketball. And it wouldn't be too far fetched to say that I idolized the man. I loved basketball - because of him. I loved all things Chicago Bulls - because of him. I followed the NBA and NCAA as closely as any male fan out there - because of him. He kinda defined my era.

Despite the fact that I was still a bow head well into my 20's (and no, I'm not including any pictures that can one day be used against me) and despite the fact that I had big, poofy hair well past it's 'hey day' and despite the fact that I was a girly-girl...I loved Michael Jordan. This infatuation went well into the beginnings of our marriage in 96. Can you believe I even sent him a wedding invitation?

Well...I feel better now getting this off my chest. My kids can understand me a little bit better knowing this part of me. I was 19 when my favorite commercial came out...I still find myself humming it every now and then. Oh how I wished I could have been in it! I definitely wanted to "be like Mike".

If there's ever a 90's Party - you'll find me dressed in all my Bulls' gear, black and red, with a big obnoxious bull on my big hat on top of my big hair with a bow in the back. I'll also probably be wearing a big, oversized Bull's shirt over leggings with my white socks and Keds. I'm proud to admit I'm stuck in 'The Michael Jordan Era'.

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