Aug 8, 2006

Boom Baby!

8/08/2006 — cori

Once upon a time there was a little boy who never ceased to surprise his parents with his endless array of silly expressions, faces, phrases and noises. This little boy's name is Bennett. He is 4 and on the fast track to a career in stand up comedy. He has a captive audience every day. Even when he's trying to be serious, he's funny.

For the past several months, his latest phrase of choice has been, "Boom, Baby!" You can hear this in response to any number of situations...let me expound...

At any given time on any typical day, one may hear this expression escape the mouth of the aformentioned child in response to any of these possible scenarios:

Mom: Bennett, that is a very cool lego creation you just made.
Bennett: Boom, Baby!

Mom: Bennett, are you ready to go to the store/park/pool/library?
Bennett: Boom, Baby!

Gavin: Hey, Bennett, let's play superheroes.
Bennett: Boom, Baby!

Mom: Good game Buddy. You beat me in checkers again.
Bennett: Boom, Baby!

I have also heard him use this phrase to pump himself up when trying to build up the courage to walk over and say 'hi' to a cute girl he may see across the room.

And wouldn't you know, now he's got Chuck and I saying it everytime we turn around. We are finding out that there are many perfect uses for that saying throughout the course of our normal day. That shouldn't be. We are the parents, we should be rubbing off on him. Isn't that the 'normal way'. I guess that's just one more reason as to why we're not 'normal'. Boom, Baby!

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