Mar 10, 2014

Mr. Driver

3/10/2014 — cori

Where did it go?  Time, I mean.  Why is it slipping through our fingers like water?  How does your kid go from riding his trike around (with that hilarious helmet) to driving a car seemingly overnight?  I think it's some cruel joke, this thing called time.  No one warned me that it speeds up as you get older.

Gavin had his very first behind the wheel lesson with Daddy yesterday.  Chloe, Bennett and I are in back as moral support and to video the whole episode on his ipad.  We headed up to the high school parking lot where every kid gets this same right of passage.  We weren't the only ones there, much to Gavin's dismay.  But the other newbie chose to practice in a different lot than the one we were in thankfully.  

Not surprisingly, everything went super smooth.  He got the gist of the braking and accelerating and how to turn a corner and even how to park in a parking space, with no else around.  We even tried reverse a few times.  Getting that permit after drivers ed is just a few weeks away.  I'm sure we'll be enjoying many more Sunday afternoons up at the high school having Gavin drive us around.

What an exciting time of life it is around here!

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