Mar 24, 2011

Prayer Request

3/24/2011 — cori

Today was the day I was to pack Gavin's room. This is a huge mountain for me to climb. Gavin is a pack rat. I am a minimalist. There were bound to be a few issues we had to hurdle. To put it mildly, I was feeling a little stressed. Plus, I had the added bonus of three helpers who do not know how to read my mind, thus, can inadvertently add to the stress levels of the day.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I became a tad bit snappy in response to the million and one questions thrown my way while trying to make some headway into the depths of Gavin's junk...uh, I mean room. It was apparent to all that Mommy was not happy. That situation is not allowed in this house. Everyone pitched in and gave their best effort to the cause of 'Make Mommy Happy Again'.

Gavin decided saying "I love you" every 3 minutes was what I needed. He can't function, apparently, when I'm upset. Chloe just stayed away (smart move). And Bennett tells me nonchalantly, "Mom, I just prayed. I'm waiting for it to kick in."

I was so frustrated that I didn't even see the humor in what he said, I just replied, "Me too, Buddy, me too." But when I actually stopped and assessed the situation...saw my frustration being handled wrong and the kids bending over backwards to try to make me happy again, I realized that's just what I needed...Bennett's prayer to 'kick in' so I could get back on track and stop focusing on the mess and enjoy doing it with the kids instead.

I left the house for a bit. Came back refreshed. Laughed my head off at Bennett's response. And thanked God that it finally kicked in. Got home, made apologies. All is well in our world again.

And, as an added bonus...Gavin's room is completely packed...and I'm still happy.

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