Jan 3, 2013

Crazy Hair DUFDN

1/03/2013 — cori
I can't believe this silly tradition has lasted this long.  Five years ago, we started Dress Up For Dinner Night simply because I mis-understood something I had read.  We transformed it Mallott-style.  I'm so thankful it's still around because it's provided us years of memories and laughs.

We recently had some friends visiting us from Texas.  We got on the subject of DUFDN and they thought it would be a good idea to do it while they were here.  We voted on the theme:  Crazy Hair.  We have approximately 4 wigs and innumerable hats in this house - there was bound to be something for everyone.

Bennett & Vik - two skater dudes

Gavin - Willy Wonka's twin

Chuck - looking a little too comfortable in pig tails

Me - backwards braid

Pranav - messy hair (this is crazy for him)

Chloe - backwards pony tail

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