Oct 31, 2016

On Turning 15

10/31/2016 — cori

When you first came to Dad and Me
We knew our lives would forever be
Better, brighter and bigger because of you,
Our second born, our son number two.

You brought peace and laughter beyond compare
Opening our world and all who share
In the special joy of knowing you
And all the memorable things you do.

You share your love in little ways
Trying to brighten other people's days.
A smile here, a hug there
Or encouraging words to help me bear
Through the day, the week, the hour
You won't let my attitude stay sour.

Your smile is infectious and your laughter too
As you try to get happiness out of someone who's blue.
We can't stay mad when you're around
You turn our frowns upside down.

You've grown to become a fitness guru
with your love of sports, balls, and exercise too.
Strong in body, soul, and mind
You practice and study all the time.
To be the best that you can be
Even when no one is around to see.

As your voice grows lower and your stature gets higher
We see your passions and what fills you with desire.
You're becoming a young man who's honest and kind
Who listens to wisdom for your heart and mind.

Your journey in life will have struggles and joys
Embrace them both and block out the noise
Of people telling you what you should do
Instead, listen to the truth deep inside of you.

Keep love in your center, your heart, your core
It will guide you and keep you and open your eyes for
Ways to share, sacrifice, and help carry the load 
For those who have been walking a difficult road.

Integrity, courage, humility too,
These are all growing inside of you.
Please stay true to who you are
That's the best you by far!

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