Dec 10, 2013

Sun Halo

12/10/2013 — cori

For over a week now winter has been forcing it's presence upon the U.S.  It seems no one is immune to the arctic plunge that has dropped temperatures to record lows all across the continent.  Being in Minnesota, you would think the cold is something we are used to.  True, your body adjusts to anything, even cold temperatures.  But I'm not sure it adjusts to living in arctic conditions.  It seems the arctic circle has decided to make Minnesota it's new home for a while.  The high this past Saturday was -1.  It was -11 when I got up and had to leave the house.  Yesterday, because of the wind, it felt like -23.  10 degrees feels quite warm by comparison, it's all relative.

But the point to this story is not the cold, but the beauty that can be seen amidst it.  Everyday for over a week now that we've been in sub zero temperatures I have noticed a rainbow around the sun for 4 hours each day.  It makes my heart so incredibly happy I cannot even describe it.  I prefer to call it my Rainbow Parentheses.  It's just beautiful!  I know there is a scientific explanation for it (they call it the Sun Halo) but I prefer to think of it as my own special gift from God making each day more bearable and happy.  Honestly, I don't mind the cold as long as I have my sun.  I need the sun.  Now, not only do I get to see the beautiful sun each, bitterly cold day, I also get the added bonus of rainbow can that not make anyone giddy?!  The arctic is no match for me and my 3 layers of pants, shirts, socks with heated warmers stuck to the bottom, snow boots, hat, scarf, mittens with heated warmers and down jacket with hood....because I have a sun halo to keep my heart warm and a smile on my chapped face.  Life doesn't get much better.

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