Sep 9, 2009

A "Duh" Moment

9/09/2009 — cori

Most people have "Aha!" moments. Not me. I have many more "duh" moments than I care to admit. Mostly, I just pretend they didn't happen. But the two that happened this past weekend are too idiotic to keep to myself. Maybe thru my "duh" moment, someone could learn something little and not have to suffer the same humiliation as I did.

Chuck and I went to Benihana's this past weekend. It's one of my favorite places to go but we only go like once a year since it's so cost prohibitive (that's our way of saying 'expensive'). I literally dream about this food, the yummy sauces, the delicious fried rice...I love it all, the whole experience, even if we are sitting at a table with total strangers.

So, it comes my turn to order and I ask the host, "May I please have an eggroll?" He looks at me stupefied as I look at him with innocent, dense, questioning eyes. He then tries real hard not to say, "Look lady, this is a Japanese joint - not some little Chinese hole in the wall." Instead, he politely looks at me, smiles (rather condescendingly) and says, "We don't serve those here."

Then it hits me...ooohhhh...Japanese...not I remember...just a tad bit too late though. That was my first "duh" moment.

The second happened because I was trying to be helpful and efficient. I saw a broken coaster and thought I'd super glue it back together in the 3 minutes I had before I had to walk out the door. The super glue tube wasn't opened, so I just found the closest pen, poked a hole in the top fingers are cementing together faster than I can run to the sink!!! What was I thinking? Super glue only needs a teeny, tiny pin prick of a hole - just in case you weren't up on that. It does NOT need a ball point pen size hole. The avalanche of glue that adhered to my fingers within milliseconds was unreal. Now I have to walk out the door with my fingers stuck together. Nice.

Meanwhile...Chuck's at home, googleling "how to get superglue off skin" for me during his all important work hours. How lucky, all I needed was to bathe my hand in nail polish remover. Too bad for me I didn't have any.

What's another day without another "duh" moment?! Just par for the course for me.

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