Oct 17, 2013

Love Notes

10/17/2013 — cori
Every morning I pack the kids and Chuck off to school and work with yummy, healthy lunches and most important of all - a napkin note tucked inside declaring how special they are, or how loved they are.  If I ever forget the napkin note...let's just say I have 4 highly offended people on my hands.  Once I purposely left one out of both Gavin and Bennett's thinking they were probably starting to get embarrassed by my notes in front of their friends.  When they got home I got an earful, "Why didn't you give me a napkin note?" Said in the whiniest of tones.  You would have thought I withdrew my love from them by simply leaving out their napkin note.  Chloe says her friends all want to read hers. Lately I've been adding a twist.  I will ask a question, riddle or math problem on their napkins that they have to give me the answer to when they get home.  If they get it right, they get a cookie.  This is huge in our house when cookies are only normally allowed on the weekends.

Well, Chuck upped the ante on me today and left an even better note for each of us.  We were playing "flip" last night as a family.  We had left all the scrabble tiles on the table.  Chuck saw the perfect opportunity to leave all of us a love note.  How lucky we are!

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