Mar 12, 2016

Epiphany of Weeds

3/12/2016 — cori

There must be some connection to spring and weeds and epiphanies for me. I seem to have my best life thoughts while pulling weeds during springtime. So it would come as no surprise to anyone that I had another epiphany today!

Every time I look out back, all I seem to see are weeds encroaching upon the lawn. Since we are having an unseasonably warm late winter, I thought it would be great to use this awesome weather to get a head start on those weeds before they started growing again - kind of beat them at their own game.

So I head out back with shovel and work gloves in hand. I was amazed with how easy those pesky weeds were to pull up. I was able to make a lot of headway. It was awesome. After a while Chuck got home and joined me. I commented to him, "It amazes me that left to itself, the garden will just continue to grow weeds until it's overcome with them."

Then I was quiet for a real long time contemplating on that deep thought.

I realized that gardeners have to be very purposeful in their weed-pulling. The timing is crucial. They also have to be diligent. A garden doesn't just stay in a state of beauty left to it's self without someone working on it. It requires hard work to make a garden delightful to look at. Not only do weeds threaten the beauty of the garden they can actually choke the life out of it. Invasive species can kill all the hard work a gardener has done over the years if not taken care of quickly.

I was starting to see a lot of correlations to life.

God speaks of pruning us in the Bible. I never saw it as a good thing. I saw it as me not doing things right or good enough for him, so he would have to get rid of those things. But that's not it at all. Left to myself, my "garden" will become overwhelmed with things that are not supposed to be there. Because He loves me, he removes these things in my life so it will be beautiful again.

Cool, huh?! I thought so too.

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