Aug 12, 2010

Nose Observations

8/12/2010 — cori

These are two very random things I wanted to remember that the kids said...yet they have one commonality...noses.

Bennett and Gavin sit next to each other at the table. I think almost every post I write happens at the table come to think of it. Anyways, the boys were sitting uncomfortably close to one another cuz neither of them have any sense about 'acceptable physical boundaries'. They would probably sit on each other's laps at the dinner table if I let them. So...there they are eating when Bennett looks over at Gavin. Since he's only 3 inches from his face Bennett seems to notice alot more detail about his brother. He felt the need to share his findings with us. "Gavin, you're becoming a man - I can see your nose hairs." It's those little things that make a man.

Another day, at the same table, during lunch, Chloe feels now is the time to confess, "Mom, I decided to stop picking my nose." Ok. Evidently she's a closet picker because I've not seen her do it in public - it doesn't fit with her feminine, girly-girl, proper image she's always trying to pass off as. "So, what drew you to this conclusion Honey?"

"Remember a couple of weeks ago we were at Fire Safety Town for that class? Well, the fireman said that picking your nose is bad cuz it makes it bleed. So I decided to stop right then." Thank God for firemen.

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