Aug 9, 2016

Would You Rather

8/09/2016 — cori

Let the record show that I HATE this game BTW. But, be that as it may, I was coerced into playing this little nonsensical game while on a recent road trip. I was taking a turn at the wheel so Chuck could have a reprieve. Chloe was all the way in the back and talking in whisper mode and still expecting me to hear every word she said. If I said, "What?" or "Honey, I can't hear you, please speak up" she would sit back, put on her pouty face and say "Never-mind." This scenario plays out repeatedly in the car. So as to avoid it one more time, I determined to just pretend I could hear her the next time she spoke.

And of course there was a next time. And this was what I heard, "Mom, would you rather lie or have a disability?" I knew immediately that we were in would you rather territory and I cringed. I can't make split second decisions like this...there are way too many factors involved that I must consider and weigh before committing to an answer that ties me down from now until time eternal. Oh man, which would I rather, I think to myself. I make split second cognitive comparisons on the pros and cons of each while at the same time concentrating on driving. All my mental energies are operating at full capacity. I blurt out (in record time, I might add), "Lie. I would rather lie." I felt that was a rather easy choice. Who in their right mind would choose to have a disability, after-all.

The entire car erupts in laughter - except me. Apparently I'm the last one in on whatever is so funny. "What's so funny?" I ask. Chuck proceeds to make some comment about my poor hearing ability (I have fine hearing by the way, I just get confused easily so I block out confusing noises). Then someone, I can't remember who (because I was DRIVING!) says, "Your choice wasn't between lying and having a disability. Chloe said, 'would you rather fly or have invisibility?'"


Well, in that case, I would totally choose invisibility. End of game.

And we all got to our destination safely because I refused to play stupid mind games the rest of the trip and we all lived happily ever after. The end.

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