Sep 18, 2017

Let's Go Explore

9/18/2017 — cori

I never take for granted that I can go spend time in these glorious mountains any time I want to. I have to pinch myself because it seems too good to be true.

With this being Gavin's last weekend at home before heading off to school, we wanted to make it special. We had planned a few fun things like going to see "Wonder Woman" and finishing the last in our 3 part series of D&D. But then we saw the weather was supposed to be beautiful and last minute decided to head up to the mountains to make the most of it.

It's very hard to talk 3 teenagers into getting up at 7am on a weekend! But in order to get an early start, beat the crowds, stay ahead of the afternoon storms, and get gorgeous views, you have to leave early. 

We didn't hike this trip. We were in search of fall color on Trail Ridge Road that runs through Rocky Mountain National Park and brings you to the tippity top of the mountain range. We stopped at every overlook to enjoy the views. It was magical.

I love the tire cover on this jeep we followed up the mountain road.

This is what 12,183 feet looks like.

One last family picture before "the big separation."

Ahhh...finally some fall color.

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