Jul 2, 2007

Welcome To My World

7/02/2007 — cori

Just pretend, for a second, that you are a fly on the wall in my house right now (in reality, I have at least 4, so nobody would really even notice you were here). Mind you, all these things are occurring simultaneously! This is what you would be witness to:

1. The Rocket Washer - Ever since we moved back to Texas, our washer and dryer have not been the same (maybe that's because they were abused by the movers - just a hunch). Now, whenever I do my weekly 7 loads of laundry, I get to hear the sound of a rocket taking off into outer space when it comes time for the rinse and spin cycle. This is great for my blood pressure. My heart starts to beat at least twice a fast. The noise is deafening. But, hey, at least we have clean clothes. The alternative is worse - lugging all my stuff to a laundry mat?! I'll take the rocket washer any day.

2. As if the noise elicited from the washing machine isn't enough, I thought I'd also turn on the vent hood over the pot of chicken I'm boiling in order to prepare the dinner for guests that just happened to be in town tonight and would like to stop by around dinnertime.

3. The third set of noises would be those coming from Chloe and Bennett as they clean up their superhero hideout off the stairway. And yes, the entire hideout of 3 bean bags, a teddy, a tinker toy sword and back-up masks and capes all fit on one step. The best way to describe the noise they are contributing would be to call it: nonsensical talk at the top of their lungs. Sometimes it parlays into a made up song, sometimes an interesting pattern of rhyming words in a non-stop shrill sound. But at least they're cleaning it up on their own!

4. Gavin is in the kitchen making banana bread - without my help. Unless he can't find something or doesn't know where something is, or wants me to watch him to make sure he's doing it all right, or hold the bowl for him. But hey, I love to encourage independence! Be sure to add the mixer to the list of noises being generated.

5. The dog's non-stop barking out doors - we've yet to understand each other's language and are having a bit of a communication crisis.

6. Oh ya, I'm also in the middle of folding the dry laundry, making lunches, being asked if I can sew Bruce's hair back on (Bruce is Bennett's hobby horse he made and his mane is falling off) and getting a chemistry experiment together because that's Gavin's latest kick right now. All the while trying to talk in a manner that can still be heard over the stupid rocket washing machine. Gavin asks if making banana bread counts as a chemistry experiment and I'm all over that one - YES, yes it does my son!

7. I have had to leave my blogging post no less than 4 times to attend to asundry matters deemed of utmost importance by my dependents.

8. And then there's my beloved work-at-home husband sitting at his 'work station', a safe distance away from all chaos with his precious headphones securely attached to his head - oblivious to all of this.

And I'm wondering why I have a headache right now?!

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