Feb 12, 2014

Under the Spotlight

2/12/2014 — cori

Apparently this is Placate Mommy Week and I didn't know it.  First I have to defend my coolness when under attack from Gavin because he questions my music choices (shouldn't the tables be reversed here?).  Now I'm getting it from Chloe, albeit in a totally unforeseen direction.  The other day she comes and gives me a hug, looks up at me and says (like I so often do to her), "Mom, you know my favorite thing about you?  How you play with your vitamin pills."  Really?!  That's your favorite thing about me?  I'm baffled.  I wasn't aware I played with my pills.  Upon noticing my confused expression she delves into greater detail, "Ya, you always spin them around or flip them back and forth while you're drinking your tea.  I think that's kinda cute."

Am I 5 years years old all of the sudden?  I guess I did just fall off the turnip truck if my playing with vitamins is deemed 'cute' by my 9 year old.  Man....these people are ALWAYS watching me, I can't get away with nothin!   I better start taking my vitamins like a grown up and stop playing with them.  How can you stop doing something you weren't aware of doing?

Then comes Bennett, ever my encourager and biggest fan.  He leaves me sticky notes all over the place, on my bedroom door, on the computer.  He's always trying to lift my spirits if he thinks they are low (normally my spirits are just tired and want to go to bed, but a big dose of encouragement doesn't hurt).  Here are two examples that were left on my computer desktop:

You rock mom!  You are very amazing how you deal 
with your headaches  and stomach aches!  If I had to live 
like that for just one day I would be very snappy 
and upset!  Also I just wanted to let you know
 that you are a very good cheerleader!  Also, remember 
to use your elbows and flipping techniques if 
somebody tries to hurt you! :)     From, Bennett 


 That means.... You are the best Mom ever!  
Make sure you read this Mom! :)
From, Bennett

So last night when I'm tucking him in he looks up at me with the hugest smile to say: "Keep up the good work, Mom!  I love how you're always trying to show us Jesus."  How can you not go to bed feeling on top of the world when that's how your night ends?!  

I have THE BEST JOB EVER even if my cool status is questioned periodically and they notice my childish behavior. 

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