Jan 30, 2010

Like Mike

1/30/2010 — cori

I LOVE basketball! And I love it all the more when I get to watch my kids play it. Bennett is in an excellent league this year with a wonderful team. He works SOOO hard each week at his practices. He's learned alot from his coach. It's always wonderful to see a bunch of people, in whatever situation, learn to work as a team.

All their hard work during practices has definitely been paying off on the court during game days. We've gone undefeated so far. But today we were to play another undefeated team. We were very nervous. They were taller than our boys, knew their position better than our boys, and were excellent ball handlers and defenders.

We were down by 7 points at the half. At this age, a 7 point lead is almost impossible to comeback from. It was a hard game to watch. Fouls were all over the place and not getting called. The boys played hard and persevered even harder. The parents were cheering so loud, we were getting hoarse.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the score was 19 - 13. Our boys spent the rest of the quarter catching up and had finally tied the score 21 - 21. Unbelievable! They did an amazing job at keeping them scoreless for the last quarter.

Then comes final 9 seconds of the game. Our guys rebounded then passed down the court. Somehow, Bennett was the one with the ball. The other team was all over him. He went down. A foul was called. He shot two free throws! He made made one of them! Each time with a huge smile on his face. The crowd went wild. This is stuff kids dream about. The timer buzzed and we flew off the bleachers yelling in victory over the unreal comeback. Final score: 22 - 21.

Bennett couldn't wipe that smile off his face the whole rest of the day. He was so proud of his team. Each one of them did amazing. We told him we were shocked that the foul on him got called and he confessed, "I got fouled on purpose." I didn't even know he knew he could do that. Then he explained that during the time out, Coach told him that if he ended up with the ball, to try to get fouled. It worked!

Be still my heart. I might just have the next Michael Jordan in the making! If that's not a proud mom, I don't know what is!

Jan 24, 2010

Special Time

1/24/2010 — cori
This is the epitome of wonderful for Gavin and me. The other night, Gavin and I were given the opportunity to have some time alone together. Without even talking to each other we both knew exactly what it was we wanted to do: read! We got home, put the tea kettle on, got our favorite book and sat down in the chairs together and read. It was wonderful! Gavin would look over at me periodically and say, "Mom, I love you!" and I'd reply, "Me too, Honey." I love that he considers this quality/special time together because I love it too. I don't have to go too far out of my comfort zone to accommodate him on this. We're speaking the same love language here. This is the picture of contentment!

Jan 17, 2010

Too Cute

1/17/2010 — cori
Chuck was on the phone and I was out running errands. Evidently, Chloe needed something and didn't want to interrupt Daddy, so she left him this note instead:

How can you say 'no' to a 5 year old kid who asks for pickles? And even remembers to use the proper punctuation.

Jan 13, 2010

Ask A Scientist

1/13/2010 — cori

Tonight, for the umpteenth time, I wished I had majored in some sort of astro physics or chemistry or molecular biology. I think I should go on a speaking circuit and inform all would be mothers to major in science, nursing or psychology. I had no idea I would one day need every single one of those fields of study as an arsenal of knowledge to draw from in order to answer questions posed to me by my own children.

As I'm tucking Gavin in tonight he asks me, "Mom, what type of matter is light?"


"Is it plasma, like the sun?"


"What is light, Mom?"


I have a wealth of untapped knowledge hidden somewhere in my brain, I just know it. But it's not choosing to reveal itself at this moment - so I feign 'deep thoughts'. I decide to answer his question with a question, "Is light and sun the same thing?" That should stump him for a while.

After the two of us stare blankly at each other for an awkward 2 minutes I respond, "That sounds like a great question for us to Google! Nite-nite Honey, sleep tight." Like he can just flip a switch and not ponder life's deepest questions anymore simply because it's bedtime. If it were me, I'd beg to go find the answer out right now!

Not that scientific questions typically linger very long in my head, but this one was. I just couldn't sleep without putting this question to bed. Come to find out there is a whole website called "Ask A Scientist". Where have you been all my life?! I have needed you for the past 11 years?! I think I'll also include this little gem in a list of handy references that I pass out to future mothers who have no clue of the gold I'm giving them and how valuable it will be when little people start asking them questions.

In case you're wondering, here's one scientist's theory to Gavin's question.

Jan 11, 2010

Gavin Eve

1/11/2010 — cori
Gavin has officially dubbed today, the day before his 11th birthday, 'Gavin Eve'. Just in case anyone was wondering.

I can't believe how fast 11 years have flown by. What a joy, honor, privilege and journey it has been learning how to be a Mommy and having this sweet boy be my guinea pig.

As I was looking back at pictures of this little boy's life, I realized, we didn't even have digital cameras that long ago. Maybe some people did, but we were definitely late adding that little luxury to our list of electronic toys. We did not make much money at all when Gavin was little but we look back at that time of our lives as some of the most fun. We did't need money to be happy. We were very creative, found lots of parks and free things to do and just took time to enjoy each other. Thank God for his extreme patience with me as I muddled through the waters of new parenthood. I'm still learning right alongside my son.

Looking back, it's easy to see the characteristics in him that make him who he is today...but back when he was one, he was still so new to me. I couldn't imagine how or who he was going to be. I love his personality. I love how he communicates with me. I love his sense of humor. I love his intense, internal desire to know more and learn more. I love how patient, forgiving and laid back he is. Some days his quirks drive me insane...on others, I giggle about how cute they are. I love his teachable and sensitive heart. I'm so thankful for his considerate nature. I love his need to share every tiny detail of his day with me and ask about every tiny detail of mine. His love of reading far out-weighs even mine.

Lastly, my greatest prayer has been answered this year as Gavin entered public school for the first time in his life. Since the day each of my children were born I've prayed that God would make them confident of who they are in Him...that God would draw them to Himself and they would not choose Him because of our pushing or prodding or pleading, but because they saw Mommy and Daddy need Him and love Him and that they would one day choose the same. Amidst the daily trials he encounters in his new school setting, Gavin has not wavered in character or in heart one bit. He is who he's always been and hasn't allowed others to change that. I'm proud of him for making the hard choice often times. I'm proud of him for being true to who he is and thankful to God for all the lessons he is teaching him right now about how to live in this world.

Jan 10, 2010

Love Notes

1/10/2010 — cori
I am super tickled everytime I sit down at the table. Because there, waiting for me, is usually some assortment of love note from any number of my admirers. Sometimes there will be one on my bed, my dresser, my tub or at my computer. But as of late, my place at the table has been the coveted spot of choice. These little uplifting notes just bless my heart day after day. I'm so thankful to my children for their thoughtfulness and to their Daddy for instilling and modeling that beautiful quality.

My thoughts regarding some of these deep, heart-felt sentiments: Bennett, in the first one in the upper left hand corner thanks me for being nice to him. That makes me wonder if he thinks I'm normally not nice to him. What qualifies 'nice' in his world? Shouldn't all moms be nice to their kids? He also drew a lovely little picture of me under the refrain, my mom "rocks"! I'm a little puzzled about the quotation marks surrounding the "rocks" part. Does he mean I literally or figuratively rock. Maybe 'rocks' is code-word for something else. And no, I'm not playing a guitar in that picture. He explained to me that that is me as "Super Mommy" and the large circle around me (and my appropriate attire of dress and high heels) is my cape. It appears as though I'm 'rocking' into outer space. I'm so thankful that this is how he loves to show me love.

Chloe will never let anyone out-do her. So if Bennett is putting notes on my placemat, Chloe is putting 2 notes on my placemat. She will not be under sold. Or out-spelled. In the pink love note, her well wishes are for me to 1) feel better and 2) enjoy my omlette. Which I indeed did.

I treasure these days and all the ways, little or big, that those around me show me love. I can only hope they feel my heartfelt love in return.

Jan 7, 2010

Pretend Play

1/07/2010 — cori

Playing pretend around here ranks up there with movie and pizza night. My kids LOVE it! Take today for instance. After we spent some time reading and playing games together they look at each other and excitedly pronounce: Let's play 'Bad Kid, Mommy and Daddy'!

Is this really a viable game option? Should I be reading into this? Are they making a mockery of our parental abilities? Is this supposed to be some therapeutic outlet? Should we seek counseling? So many questions and so few answers.

At lunch time I decide to ask the kids about this so-called 'game'. "So, guys, did you have lots of fun playing 'Bad Kids and Mommy'?"

Well...first I am corrected. It's vital that we get the name of the game correct. Chloe is the first to speak up, very loudly, and show me the error of my ways. "No, Mommy. It's 'Bad Kid and Mommy and Daddy.' I'm always the sweet Mommy. But sometimes I'm the 19 year old sister. Gavin is always the Daddy. And Bennett is the best Bad Kid."

"Thanks for clearing that up for me. So...is there a premise to this game?"

Since Gavin is the only one who knows what the word premise means, he enlightens me even further with, "Well Mom, we've been playing this game for a very long time - years actually. It's just fun. Bennett does everything wrong and bad. I'm the superhero Dad and Chloe tell us what to do."

My first impulse is to plead in my head, oh please, God, don't let this be a showcase of all my mothering errors over the years. I'm really not that overbearing and controlling and yelling...am I? And why is the daddy considered a superhero and portrayed as loud and boisterous? This is some warped kid version of satire playing out before me like a live version of "Saturday Night Live".

Bennett decides to give his two cents, "I'm the kid who does everything opposite of what I do in real life. I'm really good at whining and throwing temper tantrums and breaking dishes and making crazy food. The only thing that can stop my bad behavior is when someone talks about food."

Seriously? This is different from real life how?

Apparently, my children enjoy using pretend to let out their alter personalities - the ones tied up inside under the auspices of our perceived control. But evidently, the joke's on us.

Jan 6, 2010

Family Bonding

1/06/2010 — cori
Santa knew exactly what this family needed - more play time!! Thus, his ingenious gift of the family foos-ball table. I'd have to say...Santa was spot on this year!

Of course these are 'friendly' little games with very little competitive edge. Any given night, if you were to be standing anywhere in the vicinity of our front yard, you would hear lots of yelling, cheering, screaming and overall loudness that accompanies our family bonding times. Don't worry - we're just having fun.

Jan 5, 2010

The New Year

1/05/2010 — cori
Isn't this how every married couple rings in the New Year? Doesn't this picture wreak of comfort, familiarity, trust, romance, ingenuity, pride and most of all self esteem? Its obvious what's going on here. But what most people might be questioning is the lovely little device I'm wearing around my forehead. Of course there's a story....

See, I've been cutting my family's hair since the beginning of time, it seems. In actuality, it's been for the past 13 1/2 years - every two/three weeks. Only recently did I start adorning myself with the lovely Cowboys apron in order to keep stray, flying hairs off my clothing. We always cut hair in the garage. It doesn't matter if it's 104 degrees or 20 degrees - hair cuts are in the garage. Period. However, our garage doesn't have the best lighting. Optimal lighting conditions would be to open the garage door and let in as much natural light as possible. However, that wasn't an option this go around being that it's winter and cold and night.

Then a genius idea hits me...I could use Chuck's head light. My brother just gave him this head light for Christmas so Chuck could ride his bike in the dark if he so chooses. Little did he know it would also be a handy little tool to light my way while navigating each head of hair I have to cut. Pure genius.

Any year that begins like this is sure to be a winner!

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